Tai Chi Chung Chuan

Tai Chi Chung Chuan is an advanced form in the Tai Chi Chuan system. It is considered as such based on its value, objective and function in martial art perspective. It shares similar philosophy as in Tai Chi Chuan. In the Tai Chi Chung Chuan, the obvious Yin/Yang philosophy is interpreting as fast and slow, and hard and soft movements. When it is slow, the softness is expressing or it is interpreting the concept of circle. It is function for qi circulation to carry out the qi and nutrient throughout the body. When it is fast, the hardness is expressing or it is interpreting the concept of square. It is the function to delivery power. This hardness is not involving any physical power but result from speed up the movements several times by going in a straight line. Although the speed of some of the movements is fast and powerful, they are still following the principle of "Applying the intent not physical power" as described in the Tai Chi Chuan Classic. Therefore, the Tai Chi Chuan Classic said "First works on the soft component. Later, works on the hard component."

Tai Chi Chung Chuan is training the practitioner to become a martial artist not simply to improve health. There are many powerful, quick and jumping movements in the form. The basic ingredients involving martial confrontation. Due to this nature, some people called it the Application Form or Martial Form and it was for these reasons that Tai Chi Chung Chuan was kept secret for generations. In the Tai Chi Chung Chuan, the movements are not initiated by the waist as in Tai Chi Chuan but by the hands. The hands lead and dictate the speed of the movement. When the hands move, the body follows and when more power applies to the hands, the speed of the movement will be faster. The form is not executed in the same pace and rhythm as in Tai Chi Chuan. Therefore, a practitioner is not tired afterward. One is expecting a slow and fast movement throughout the Tai Chi Chung Chuan form. It is for this rhythm of fast and slow movement and all other Tai Chi Chuan principles involved that the form is called Tai Chi Chung Chuan. Although the movement is fast, it is well connecting so it has continuity. The execution of this characteristic is fueled by internal power (not physical power) as well as relaxed the body to slow down after each fast movement. A reader may asked that without physical power, how to issue internal power? This is appearing to be a contradiction. No physical power is referring to relax the body so that all the joints are loosely jointing together. When the body moves, it is function as a whip. The power issue from this mechanic is called internal power.

Based on its unique characteristics, objectives and functions, Tai Chi Chung Chuan is a kept secret art available only to the dedicate students. Therefore, there are many people heard of the name but never have the opportunity to witness it.

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