13 Animals

Shu Sun Dan Shi is the oldest form of Tai Chi Chuan. It is based on the characteristics of 13 animals. Therefore, it is also known as 13 Animals Form. When one practices each animal exercise, it is a combination of internal and external exercises. Today, one can observe that many of the 13 exercises have been incorporated in to the Tai Chi Chuan's Solo Form. The information and how to practice these 13 exercises is available only to handful practitioners.

  1. Dragon: Playing
  2. Tiger: Pouncing
  3. Snake: Coiling
  4. Horse: Parting
  5. Phoenix: Looking
  6. Monkey: Stretching
  7. Bear: Walking
  8. Toad: Gazing
  9. Chicken: Fighting
  10. Magpie: Jumping
  11. Crane: Dancing
  12. Lion: Turning
  13. Lynx: Catching
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